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Having erection problems in the middle of a sexual intercourse is a fear all males experience at least for once in their lives. Unfortunately, about 60 percents of men worldwide suffer from such impairment and can’t find an effective solution. The worst thing that quite effective Viagra, Levitra and Cialis which are extremely promoted in mass media do not work for everyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction. In such scenario the alternative solution could become a salvation. And the well-known American manufacturer Cipla offered an alternative to popular ED meds known as Silagra. Our online pharmacy offers to buy original Cipla Silagra because it gains popularity as one of the most effective “love drugs” helping 4 from 5 males to bring back their self respect and active sex life.

What is Silagra?

Many people think Silagra is a new derivative of Viagra but in fact by Cipla Silagra pills were manufactured long before appearance of brand Viagra in the market. The chemical composition of generic Silagra is very close to Viagra’s content and the active ingredient is identical – sildenafil. But those males who have tried both Silagra and Viagra claim practically there is no difference in an effect provided by these drugs only Silagra costs cheaper and has a quicker response to offer than original Viagra.

By definition Silagra is a PDE5 inhibitor that works to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in males. ED is an impairment characterized by an inability of a man to maintain erection until climax after being sexually aroused. This condition may lead to impotence characterized in its turn with insufficient flow of blood to penis. ED is usually caused by multiple psychological and physiological reasons. No matter what caused erectile dysfunction manufactured by Cipla Silagra no prescription pills will be able to maintain erection for a short time period during a sexual intercourse.

How does Silagra look?

In order to buy only top quality product you need to learn how to identify authentic Silagra pills. They look like Viagra pills, also blue colored ones but of an oval shape with prints pointing out strength of each bar. Silagra is supplied in 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg bars while the average daily dose is 50 mg.

How to use Silagra pills effectively?

If a person suffers from a temporary inability to maintain erection during an intercourse there will be enough to use Cipla Silagra pills as a short term no prescription medication taking only one pill on a daily basis, within 1 hour before an intercourse. One Silagra pill starts to work within 30-40 minutes after being consumed.

With a proper sexual stimulation one Silagra 50 mg pill will be enough to maintain in a body an ability to have erection up to 6 hours in a row.

Beware of using Silagra pills along with high-fat meals. Preferably take Cipla Silagra tablets on empty stomach drinking each dose with a glass of water. Do not overdose and you will manage to avoid serious side effects.

Advantages of using manufactured by Cipla Silagra pills:

  • they cost cheaper than brand Viagra, but contain the same active ingredient and affect in the identical way;
  • top quality and one of the oldest and most popular ED medications available only online;
  • work smoothly and helps to cope with erection problems safely for health;
  • offer a quicker response. Manufactured by Cipla Silagra starts to work within 40 minutes after consuming of one pill. All other medications treating erectile dysfunction need much time to reveal their effect.

rare serious side effects which can be avoided if one uses Silagra correctly according to the label’s instructions.

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How to take Silagra 100mg?

  • It is recommended to take Silagra tablets 40-50 minutes before intimacy with a sexual partner.
  • Fatty food slows down the action of Silagra 100mg tablets, so if you take Silagra 100mg tablets after meal, the beginning of their action can be increased to 60-90 minutes.
  • Silagra tablets react chemically with alcohol, so the use of Silagra 100mg tablets together with alcohol is contraindicated. Taking Silagra 100mg  tablets, you should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, since the combination of Silagra with alcohol may lead to the development of severe allergic reactions.
  • If the treatment of erectile dysfunction is carried out simultaneously with a medication treatment of other diseases, before to use Silagra 100mg tablets, it is necessary to consult a professional health worker.

Silagra dosage

  • If a man has never taken Silagra tablets, it is recommended to start the erectile dysfunction treatment with the minimum daily dose of Silagra 100mg (1 tablet of Silagra 100mg).
  • Taking the tablets Silagra 100mg, remember that the generic Silagra is not an aphrodisiac but the medication which begins to act only in the response to a man’s sexual arousal or sexual stimulation of the penis.
  • Maximum duration of Silagra 100mg tablets is 6 hours and even when doubling Silagra dose ( 2 tablets of Silagra 100mg), an increase of the tablets duration does not occur.
  • The increase of the daily dose of the generic Silagra is expediently only if after the application of 1 tablet of Silagra 100mg you were not achieved the desired result.
  • For the majority of men, 1 tablet of Silagra 100mg is quite enough to restore the erection, but depending on the psychological and physical condition of a man, it is not excluded that a higher dose of Silagra may be required.
  • The maximum daily dose of Silagra is 200mg (2 tablets of Silagra 100mg). Exceeding of the daily dose of Silagra 200mg may cause side effects and worsening of overall health state.

Where to buy Silagra?

In order to buy cheap tablets Silagra there is no need to live in India. Silagra is  freely sold at online pharmacies, so you can buy Viagra generic –  Silagra from any country in the worldwide, without leaving your home. It is enough to register an order for the delivery of Silagra tablets, using computer or telephone, connected to the Internet and a postal service will deliver Silagra tablets to the indicated address.
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Silagra 100 review

Erectile dysfunction leads not only to the lack of sexual activity but becomes a source of misunderstanding on the patrt of sexual partner. Only one mention about sex causes in a man, suffering from erectile dysfunction nerve irritation and stress, this leads to conflict situations.

Erectile dysfunction is the type of sexual disorder which successfully treated with medicines. Modern medications for erection recovery return a man to a full active sexual life, regardless of the reason of erectile dysfunction.
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