How to take Silagra 100mg?

  • It is recommended to take Silagra tablets 40-50 minutes before intimacy with a sexual partner.
  • Fatty food slows down the action of Silagra 100mg tablets, so if you take Silagra 100mg tablets after meal, the beginning of their action can be increased to 60-90 minutes.
  • Silagra tablets react chemically with alcohol, so the use of Silagra 100mg tablets together with alcohol is contraindicated. Taking Silagra 100mg  tablets, you should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, since the combination of Silagra with alcohol may lead to the development of severe allergic reactions.
  • If the treatment of erectile dysfunction is carried out simultaneously with a medication treatment of other diseases, before to use Silagra 100mg tablets, it is necessary to consult a professional health worker.